The Second Sons

First Mission


Your first mission.  I already sent one of the second sons North to attack some pirates, the other I sent east to clear the shores.  As you can see we have too many ships at dock right now and many goods that will rot as few captains are going out these days without a full armada. They only go North when the do as our coast lines are too dangerous.  It is like sharks I tell you, there is blood in the water and evil is attracted here.   I need you to go West.  Stay off the immediate shoreline, but not too far to not see shore.  I warn you, it would seem the pirates have 3 types of ships, the standard nimble Sailing ship with slave rowers, they can go faster than you.  The medium carrier (Long ship) and these carry a   These probably have a single mast and can hold 15 or so people.  The last is the large warship.  Don't even try to attack the large warship…If you do, it was nice knowing you, you can tell as it has two masts.  Feel free to arm up with supplies you need for the voyage.


Oh and be mindful that you are on a sail boat, so I would be wary about fire.  Catching your sails on fire will pretty much immobilize you.      


What we know is that some pirates are carrying combatents from Gulthandor and dropping them off on the shoreline.  The odd thing is that the shoreline there is riddled with Kua-toa, and Sanguine, but the creatures are getting through where we can't. 


Your mission is:

  1. Find out how they are getting through.  And if you happen to return a ship here, there is a bonus of 1,000 GP.
  2. If you find a way to get to shore, I want to take out the occupation of one of the docks.  We have 3 large ships going out that way 3 days behind you.  Secure a dock, keep your ship safe.  If you go ashore, communicate a way rendezvous time and place. 
  3. If you need to contact me, there is a sending stone in the Captains quarters under the North part of the map table.  Reach out to me often if you have any questions.  I will give you updates as often as I can and want to know more on what you find so our ships can travel safely after you. 


It’s spelled “Sahuagin” :)

First Mission
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