The Second Sons

Pirate Encounter

So you fought Kua-Tua, You are constantly pestered by a Sanguine who rides a shark and annoys you with a horn.  He seems to be constantly messing with you and you figured out that the Sanguine abushed your ship by putting DragonFly eggs on your ship to pester you and hopefully kill you and you survived an attack by the first band of pirates.  So you are fighting the foes, but still have not fully figured out how/why you can solve the issue.  How are all these enemies attacking the ships, why are they attacking them so often. Is the Sanguine behind it?  Are the pirates?  How can enemies board your homeland and you not?  Good new…you think…you captured a ship.   

It was one hell of an on-going battle.  DM from hell managed to knock out and have Death saving throws to 4 of the 7/8 members of the party, but they all survived.   XP updated 6/19. Looks like 2 people leveled up.  Have to say, I love the game so far, hope you are also. 


johnjkelly26 johnjkelly26

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